This Predictions Competition is free to enter and just for fun. Display your knowledge of Harrogate Town and Sky Bet League Two by making predictions for every match. League Tables are published after every match showing points scored for the game, monthly points and the overall position.


The final league tables of the season have been published.

Congratulations go to Aj who tops the both the Total and April/May Monthly Table! Aardvark jacobs 2 takes the overall second place spot, whilst BB is third.

Only Lincoln Branch correctly predicted back in August that Town would finish the season 19th in the league, and earns 30 bonus points. Five players correctly predicted Town's average league attendance (within 150) earning 20 points each. There are no bonus points this year for correctly predicting the top league goal scorer (Jack Diamond). All the Predictions made back in August were either for Luke Armstrong, Jack Muldoon or Aaron Martin, with no entries for the 'Any Other' option which would have earned the bonus points.

Thanks again to everyone who made Predictions this season, and hope you enjoyed the competition!


Harrogate Town v Sutton United Match Points

Monthly Points

Total Points


2002/2003 Winner: James / Bal
2003/2004 Winner: Rob Hutchinson
2004/2005 Winner: Yorkbrian
2005/2006 Winner: Big Lundy
2006/2007 Winner: Little Lundy
2007/2008 Winner: Smiggy
2008/2009 Winner: Harry
2009/2010 Winner: Little Lundy
2010/2011 Winner: Eggie
2011/2012 Winner: Big Lundy
2012/2013 Winner: BB
2013/2014 Winner: Tyebuts
2014/2015 Winner: Miabuts
2015/2016 Winner: Smiggy
2016/2017 Winner: Crowbar6753
2017/2018 Winner: Tyebuts
2018/2019 Winner: Little Lundy
2019/2020 Winner: Joe T
2020/2021 Winner: Aardvark jacobs 1
2021/2022 Winner: Aj


For each Sky Bet League Two game 10 points will be available as follows:

2 POINTS for correctly predicting the match result (Win/Loss/Draw) based on goals scored/conceded predictions
2 POINTS for correctly predicting the number of goals Harrogate Town score
2 POINTS for correctly predicting the number of goals Harrogate Town concede
2 POINTS for correctly predicting the scorer of Harrogate Town's first goal from the list of players on the Entry Form
2 POINTS for correctly predicting the match attendance within 150

Predictions can be made up to the scheduled start time of a game. All entries made are time stamped. Any entries with a time stamp after the scheduled start time will be disregarded. Updated League Tables will be published after every game.

If the first goal that Harrogate Town are awarded is an own goal scored by the opposition, the next Harrogate Town goal will be treated as the first goal for the purposes of the competition.

In the event that a match is postponed or abandoned, all predictions will be void. New predictions will have to be made for the re-arranged match.

The decision of the competition organiser will be final.

This independent website has no connection with Harrogate Town AFC Limited.






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